This project included the production of over "X"s-57 ENCs for Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) Hydrographic section. GeoNet was provided only with raw images of the scanned paper charts. All images were geo-referenced and features were then compiled based on IHO S-57 Standards and LINZ specifications. Scripts for feature to S-57 object conversion were used and all data was run through validation procedures and third party software. The ENC's were delivered and LINZ later implemented them into their Hydrographic Production Database.

CHS Atlantic Paper Charts

Using a Citrix connection GeoNet was able to remotely access the Hydrographic Production Database at CHS Atlantic's regional office in Bedford, Nova Scotia. Using Paper Chart Editor within the clients HPD GeoNet was able to directly work the clients data and help them build there portfolio of paper charts available in their database.. The project involved the creation of paper charts from source data existing in HPD. The workflow involved the creation and layout of borders, marginalia, title blocks to the loading of source data into Paper Chart Editor and ensuring the correct text and symbol rules were followed. QC procedures were adhered to, and a detailed checklist was submitted to the client for reference.

CHS Quebec - S-102 Hi-Res Bathemetry

In Januray of 2011, GeoNet was contracted to assist in the production of 86 High-Definition Gridded Bathymetry datasets of a portion of the St. Laurence River. The final bathymetric surfaced needed to be created by integrating a variety of source datasets, ranging from sparse soundings sets to much higher resolution grid data for channels, while also using ENC derived high-water lines along with the corresponding drying spot values. The project required the deliverables to be provided in a number of formats including CSAR, BAG and 32-bit GeoTiff.

CHS Central - Hydrographic Production Database Services (source/Editor/Chart Editor)

GeoNet was contracted to convert over 20 datasets to S-57 objects and load the data into HPD Source Editor onto the appropriate usages and ensuring all necessary steps were complete following the clients detailed checksheets. Once CHS had verified the loaded data in Source Editor GeoNet was responsible for the creation of ENCs in Product Editor and completing the remainder of the required client checksheet items. The files were then qc'd by both GeoNet and CHS to ensure they conform to IHO and CHS Standards. All this work was completed remotely using a secure CITRIX connection.