About GeoNet
Located in Prince Edward Island, Canada, and in business since 1994, GeoNet Technologies Inc. is a private company that provides geographic information production and consulting services for Canadian and International clients.  GeoNet specializes in electronic nautical chart (ENC) production, coastal zone mapping, and has developed an integrated solution for risk assessment and mitigation related to coastal processes such as sea level rise and storminess. GeoNet also provides consulting and data services for provincial departments and municipalities throughout Atlantic Canada.

Our Philosophy  
The hallmark to our success and longevity in the industry has been the ability to deliver cost-effective data and solutions for our clients, on budget and on time.  We value the relationships that we have developed with our longstanding clients, and feel we work with them, not just for them.    We understand that, increasingly, organizations are faced with fewer staff dealing with more work.  Clients rely on us to manage projects, keep lines of communication open, and keep schedules on track.  In short, we help our clients accomplish more with fewer resources.